Windows 10  Updates and Hilary Clinton’s Renewable Energy Promise

Windows 10 Updates and Hilary Clinton’s Renewable Energy Promise

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We told you about getting Windows 10 Free if you’ve been using Window 7 and up. There are people posting their experience on getting Windows 10. From what we’ve gathered, everything seems to be great with Microsoft’s new operating system.

According to Microsoft, the release of  the free Windows 10  upgrade will come in waves.  We’re still waiting for ours and once we get it, we’ll review it.

Windows 10 Operating System

But here’s a preview of what you’ll get from Windows 10:

  • New enhancements to Windows Defender and SmartScreen for better security
  • Biometrics and Facial Recognition support especially on PCs and devices running Intel RealSense.
  • Inclusion of Cortana, the Microsoft’s Personal Digital Assistant
  • Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s new Browser
  • Microsoft Continuum lets you switch from desktop to tablet mode.
  • A bevy of apps  to let Android, iPhone, Windows phones users sync and work with Windows 10.
  • New photo  and map applications

To find out more Windows 10, visit the Microsoft Blog or click here.

Here’s another great update:  Hilary Clinton’s renewable energy plans.

Clinton is running for US President this 2016.   By 2027, she wants every American household powered by renewable energy.  That’s pretty bold. Ambitious even.

Hilary Clinton and Renewable Energy Platform

But we need people like her. Climate Change is messing up the entire planet and Clinton knows it and sees the need for drastic action.

Clinton promised that the US  will have one of the biggest solar panel installations in the world. She also said that she wanted an energy grid built on renewable energy.

Solar Panels on Roof

Imagine that for the Philippines. We’re living in the Tropics where the sun is available 80% of the time.  We already have many solar power energy systems builders and providers. Imagine using Solar energy, geothermal energy and other renewable energy to power our homes.

We might just avert the disaster of Climate Change and save the planet for future generations.