Panasonic Launches  All-in-One OTTAVA SC-C500 HiFi System

Panasonic Launches All-in-One OTTAVA SC-C500 HiFi System

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Panasonic unveiled  the new all-in-one OTTAVA SC-C500 HiFi System. Combining a SU-C501 CD Stereo Amplifier, powerful OTTAVA speakers and high-resolution audio support, the latest addition to Technics’ range of HiFi systems offers a compact design and stunning audio quality that will enhance the style of any home.

The OTTAVA SC-C500 HiFi System is expected to be available  in early 2016.

Technics has used its many years of experience engineering some of the most advanced home audio technology to create the ultimate compact Network CD Stereo Amplifier. Incorporating many of Technics’ groundbreaking components, such as the JENO Engine, LAPC and Battery Driven Clock Generator, the OTTAVA SU-C501 is able to deliver an audio experience typically associated with significantly larger amplifiers.

Small and sleek, the OTTAVA SU-C501 is perfectly suited to homes and apartments with limited space. And by using only the most premium materials, the system boasts a finish that looks stunning from every angle.

Technics’ new all-in-one system allows you to enjoy music with the very highest sound quality and from a diverse range of sources and devices. Whether you’re listening via high-res network audio, CD, USB memory device, USB-DAC or smartphone, control is easy and efficient via the latest Technics smartphone app.

Panasonic Ottava SC C500 HIFI

The OTTAVA speaker system has two woofers arranged symmetrically to reduce cabinet vibrations, as well as a spiral acoustic port design to produce rich and powerful bass that fills the room. The result is high-quality and immersive sound from a HiFi system that can subtly fit into the corner of a room or small cabinet.

In addition to robust bass, the speaker system delivers outstanding performance across an extensive audio range. As the behavior of sound waves differs depending on the specific pitch, the OTTAVA speakers employ different technology to emit either high or low frequencies. Low/mid frequency sounds are diffused by a reflector for clarity and resonance, while tweeters are arranged in a multi-angled configuration to deliver crisp and accurate high-frequency sounds.

As well as featuring a sleek and stylish finish, the shape of the speaker cabinet is also designed to prevent tweeter-emitted sounds interfering with the sounds from the other speaker units. This eliminates sound degradation and delivers high-quality sound in your home, regardless of where you’re standing.

Technics has also announced a black version of the SB-C700 speakers launched alongside the C700 Series in 2014 which debuted earlier this year in the U.S. The SB-C700 is a two way speaker unit that with an ultra-wide range reproduction up to 100kHz, thanks to its stiff and light aluminum diaphragm dome tweeter. The speaker also features a premium-quality piano finish to eliminate unnecessary resonance and diffraction reflection for a crisper and clearer sound.

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