Alienware releases new X-Series gaming laptops.

Alienware releases new X-Series gaming laptops.

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If you love to work on your laptop and play games in your spare time, then Alienware may have the laptop computer just for you.

Dell is staking its claim again on the gaming laptop market with its latest gaming laptop Alienware X-Series.  Dell touts their brand-new mobile gaming family exemplifies their values of bold innovation, high performance, iconic design and premium quality.

The  Alienware X15 and X17 are their thinnest 15″ and 17″ gaming laptops yet. It will allow users to play the latest and greatest game titles at maximum resolutions despite the form factor. It has patent-pending cooling technologies, Dell’s newest performance components, optimal displays and Legend 2.0 design features.  Its Alienware-branded 240W power adapter provides gamers with a small and light form factor, making gaming on the go easy to maximise portability.

A new dark core replaces the previously light interior, reducing screen reflections on the keyboard and delivering distraction-free gaming.

Dell also developed Alienware Cryo-Tech™ cooling technology which introduces Element 311,  which they say is an exclusive thermal interface material (TIM) concocted from Encapsulated Gallium-Silicone liquid metal compound. The Alienware X-Series promises to deliver up to a 25% improvement in thermal resistance advantage with Element 312.

It also features Dark Core that unlocks high-performance in ultra-thin forms. On top of that, it has its HyperEfficient Voltage Regulation for extended performance during long hours of gameplay. These are gaming laptops, but incredible thinness coming in at just 15.9mm for the x15 and 20.9mm for the x17. 

The  Alienware X-Series packs in 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-series mobile processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Laptop GPUs– up to a 3080. x15 and x17 support a maximum graphics power of 110W and 165W, respectively.
Users can select from five Tailored Power States according to their needs, including Full Speed (max power), performance mode (graphics priority), balanced mode (balanced CPU/GPU), battery saver (low-temperature priority) and quiet mode (acoustics priority).

If you prefer to play with a mechanical keyboard, get the CHERRY MX keyboard. It has a 3.5mm ultra-low-profile design that allows gamers to press deeper with more emphasis, incorporating German stainless-steel mechanical components for a great tactile experience.  As for its graphical capabilities, it has DirectX Raytracing that can bring your favorite games to life. Couple that with its latest panel technologies that can display FHD 360Hz speed to 4K-UHD HDR400.  On top of that, it has a Windows Hello IR camera for quick facial biometric logins,  ComfortView Plus, Alienware’s hardware-based, low-blue-light technology to help reduce eye strain without sacrificing display quality.

As part of its plans to reduce its carbon footprint,  the X-Series will come in sustainable packaging made from 92% recycled or renewable materials.
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