Pani Source promises to elevate water drinking

Pani Source promises to elevate water drinking

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Pani, a leading smart home water appliance brand, announced that it is crowdfunding Pani Source, its new water personalization system. The Pani Source device filters, re-mineralizes, and customizes your drinking water with multi-use infusion pods. The three pod categories, Boost, Wellness, and Flavor, utilize natural minerals, vitamins, and botanical extracts to provide healthy and functional benefits such as sports hydration, immunity boost, and better sleep.

The introduction of Pani Source continues to further the brand’s mission to increase potable water access for the 1.2 billion people in water-stricken communities worldwide while reducing the world’s dependency on single-use plastic. Simultaneously, the Pani Source promises to deliver a new consumer experience in a post-pandemic reality. People opt for healthier food/beverage choices and make their food and drinks.

The Pani Source is a culmination of years of developing potable drinking water systems and its philanthropic drive in water-scarce regions. The makers of the device consider it as the world’s first tech-enabled water personalization platform and packs in practical features useful on every kitchen counter:


  • Multiple pod slots allow you to mix-and-match three different pods to create a truly personal and unique drinking experience.
    • Pod housing is reusable and machine washable. Compostable replacement pods are formulated to last 25-30 servings, further avoiding waste created by the likes of single-use pods popularized by existing coffee machines.
  • An innovative three-stage filtration process removes up to 99% of contaminants like lead, chlorine, mercury, pesticides, and bio-contaminants.
    • Activated Carbon: Removes chlorine, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, and VOCs.
    • Ion-Exchange: Removes heavy metals and nitrates.
    • Sub-Micron Membrane: Removes particulate matter and micro-organisms.
  • A re-mineralizer block reintroduces healthy and necessary minerals and traces elements back into the water, the way Mother Nature intended.
    • Recreate water profiles from new sources around the world.
    • Initially available in Mountain Spring and Artesian Well.
  • Dispense hot and cold water on demand at precise temperatures, convenient for coffee and tea brewing.
  • Intelligent filter tracking reminds consumers when it’s time to change the filter or ship replacement filters via a hassle-free subscription model.
  • Track the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of your home’s incoming water with an embedded sensor.
  • A mobile app allows you to track pod usage, create custom infusion recipes, monitor water quality, and re-order consumables.

The Pani Source upgrades your drinking water with healthy and delicious infusion pods that you can make in the comfort of your home while reducing the world’s dependency on single-use plastic. 

The Pani Source Smart Water System crowdfunding campaign is now live at