Smartphone app lets you control Aros Smart Air Conditioner

Smartphone app lets you control Aros Smart Air Conditioner

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If you love to come home to a cool pad without having to start your AC unit yourself, then a Wi-fi enabled air conditioning unit is something you need.

Quirky came out with Aros Smart Air Conditioner and you guessed it — it’s an air conditioner that you can control via a smartphone app.

You can turn on the Aros via the app or it can start up once you’re in the vicinity or near your home. Just turn on the GPS on your smartphone and the AC will automatically turn off once you’re away from home or turn on once you’re near it.



aros smart air conditioner
In this case, the app gives you similar control over the Aros to what the Nest thermostat provides for your central heating and air conditioning system. And it goes even further. It connects to the GPS in your phone to turn the Aros on and off based on your proximity to home. Their website says it does so “in a non-creepy way,” though, so it must be OK.

Other than that, it works just like a direct expansion air conditioning system.

We’d like to get our hands on this air conditioning unit now and put it through its paces.

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