Google Home and Amazon Echo Usage to Pick Up this 2017

Google Home and Amazon Echo Usage to Pick Up this 2017

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You’ve probably seen or heard about Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa. They’re small devices that connect you to the cloud (that’s the Internet) and answers questions, queries or even make purchases for you.  The uptake on these devices are on the rise and according to VoiceLabs, a leader in Voice Experience Analytics, predicts that this year more than  24.5 million devices will be  shipped, leading to a total footprint of 33 million voice-first devices in circulation.

VoiceLabs, released their first comprehensive report on the voice-first market and announces investment from The Chernin Group. Read the VoiceLabs’ 2017 Voice Report.

Amazon Echo is an awesome Personal Digital Assistant for the Home. You can ask it for news, the weather, traffic updates, sports news, answer questions, wake you up and stream music.

VoiceLabs is the most widely used voice analytics platform for Amazon Alexa, and is the voice analytics launch partner for Actions on Google. VoiceLabs has a unique vantage point on the adoption of the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The number of consumers on VoiceLabs’ platform grew 1,500% from November to December, and crossed the one million Echo consumer mark in January.


So we’ll definitely be seeing more Amazon Echo and Google Home. We’re on our way to a connected, smart home.

And yes, we are back.  Again.