Energy Generating Fabric Promises to Power Battery-Free Wearables

Energy Generating Fabric Promises to Power Battery-Free Wearables

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Generating energy from human movement isn’t new. We’ve seen iterations of it such as watches that power itself through movement.  Today, Korean and Australian engineers and researchers  have developed a special fabric that can generate energy through human movement.

It uses TNGs (no, that’s not Star Trek series where Patrick Stewart starred in) or triboelectric nanogenerators and two  durable fabrics. According to the abstract published at  the ACS Nano, these nanogenerators replicate static electricity.   This type of energy  is pretty strong. Once you’ve built up enough static electricity and touched another person, it can send a pretty strong jolt.  Transfer of that same static electricity can potentially damage electric devices as well.   So harnessing it makes a lot of sense and they’re currently developing a light and thin enough battery storage.

Energy Generating Fabrics

While it’s still in the development stages,  we at Smart Homes Now see the potential of this particular energy generating clothes (EGC) exciting. Instead of  plugging your smart wearable devices and gadget, you’ll use your own EGC to power  them up.  Other potential uses can be used in smart keyless car entry,  powering up small medical device applications and robotic skin.

We’ll keep you posted on  further updates on energy generating fabrics and clothes.




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