SABRE security devices secure your home without wiring anything

SABRE security devices secure your home without wiring anything

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There’s always a need to secure your home. While the usual gates, padlocks, door locks work, it’s time to put in some automated security.

Check out Sabre’s security devices. 

If you need to secure your hinged and sliding doors, consider the  SABRE Door Security Bar with Vibration Detecting Alarm. It’s a durable, 20-gauge steel brace that can reinforce doors & help protect against forced entry. What’s different about this security bar is it has integrated a 115 dB alarm. If someone tries to open the door from the outside, the ear-deafening alarm blares, which the makers say could be heard from 335 meters away. It can potentially scare away intruders or alert anyone within a 335-meter radius, and the alarm will continue to blare even when the door is closed. 


Then there’s the SABRE Door Stop Alarm which can secure bedrooms and entry points. The Door Stop Alarm looks like a door wedge. When a door pushes it, it triggers a 120 dB alarm and could be heard from 455 meters away.

There’s also the SABRE Door or Window Alarm.  You can easily affix these “no-wiring required” alarms easily to any door or window. Any unwanted visitors who try to open your door or windows get treated to a klaxon that blares up to 395 meters away. Couple that with the Door or Window Alarm with a remote so you can set and deactivate the alarm system from a distance.

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