Play Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS on your laptop with Genki ShadowCast

Play Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS on your laptop with Genki ShadowCast

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So you’ve been working the whole day, and you want to play some games before you dive into another task. But the gaming console that you have is in another room, and you only have your trusty laptop with you. Solution? Stream your game into your computer. Better yet, do it with the Genki ShadowCast. 

ShadowCast is the simplest way to play console games on your computer without the need for an internet connection.  It’s a combination of a USB streaming device dongle and an app that automatically detects the device and configures it so you can play on your computer screen. With the Genki ShadowCast, you can attach your Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or Playstation console to your laptop or computer to play your favorite video games. 

Imagine playing Animal Crossing on your laptop instead of the small Nintendo Switch screen. And you can easily switch from the Genki App back to your work screen.

The Genki Arcade app requires minimal computing resources and prioritizes latency for gaming performance. Load the app, and it’ll auto-detect ShadowCast and play immediately without configuring anything. It’ll even work with next-gen consoles with up to 4K input. 

With your gaming console attached to your computer, you can easily capture, edit or stream your gaming session. If you’ve owned a Nintendo Switch, you know you can only record a 30-second video on it, but if you use the Genki ShadowCast, you can record hours-long videos as it uses your computer’s storage. It’s compatible with capture card applications as well. 

The people behind Genki are working on making it work on an iPad. Wow.  

It’s currently on Indiegogo. Check it out here. 








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