Get ready for retractable air purification ceiling fans

Get ready for retractable air purification ceiling fans

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Genius Inventions Corporation has completed its first working prototype of a “Retractable” Air Purification Ceiling Fan.  The world’s first Retractable Ceiling Fan increases indoor air quality by powerful Ultra-violet-C lights concealed within the fan’s housing. With Double-Action cleaning, the Air Purification Ceiling Fan features a secondary vacuum fan that captures air and forces it into a Germicidal Disinfecting Chamber where Germ-killing Ultra-Violet-C Lights sanitize the air by up to 99.99%. Then, the air is cleaned a second time by a high-quality Hepa Filter and recirculated back into the room or space. When it’s time to change the filter or replace a light bulb, you press a wireless remote control, and the Air Purification Ceiling Fan automatically lowers from the ceiling to a height approximately four (4) feet from the floor. This process makes cleaning and maintenance safe and accessible while removing the need for a ladder to reach the fan!

Ceiling fans are typically mounted high above our heads, requiring a stool or ladder to reach the blades for cleaning or maintenance. And because it’s a painstaking task, especially when a home or business has more than one ceiling fan, this makes for a time-consuming and undesirable chore. Often, the homeowner puts off the task until another day, allowing unhealthy airborne dust to collect and build-up. They have to contend with the height of the fan, and the only way to reach it is a tall ladder. 

The makers surmised that it’s better to bring a ceiling fan down within easy reach than to climb up a ladder and risk severe injury or even death from falling. The Retractable Air Purification Ceiling Fan effectively removes the potential hazards associated with falling from a ladder when one desires to clean the fan blades or change a light bulb. Now, anyone can effortlessly lower the entire ceiling fan from its ceiling-mounted position, making it easy and convenient to reach the fan blades for periodic cleaning of unsightly and unhealthy airborne particulate matter. Cleaning or servicing a ceiling fan has never been easier!

As we live in the new normal, the need for new products that promote better air quality for our homes and businesses is essential to maintaining good health. For this reason, the company is bracing for heavy demand for Retractable ceiling fans. Genius Inventions Corporation offers a 30% discount to everyone who makes a Pre-sale Order accessible only via the company’s Website at