Toler Tools’ Union is the multi-tool you need for DIY and repairs

Toler Tools’ Union is the multi-tool you need for DIY and repairs

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We’re big fans of multi-tools, and we’ve featured a few. Instead of carrying a ton of tools, you can take one. We’re always on the lookout, and we found on again on 

Toler Tools came out with the UNION™, a pocket tool with patent-pending features such as exclusive self-adjusting, ratcheting OMNILOCK™ wrench technology, and a modular, reconfigurable architecture.

It’s a self-adjusting and ratcheting pocket wrench that can handle nuts and bolts from 1/4-3/4″ sizes. Since it’s self-adjusting, you won’t have to keep fiddling with it while you work.

It’s a self-adjusting wrench, but it has a built-in full-size screwdriver, T-handle driver, full-grip knife, and locking, pistol grip saws.

Attach the Omnilock Wrench with the Union Pliers, which has sprung combo heads, four bits on board. If you need to cut things, well, the Omnilock can be used in conjunction with a knife. It has a full-sized blade, heat-treated D2 steel, which you can operate with one hand.

It’s all thanks to its Union architecture. So if you like to DIY and do simple repairs at home or on your vehicle, get the Toler Tools Union. You’ll be able to do a lot of things with this foldable multi-tool.

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