We Want the WonderCube!

We Want the WonderCube!

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At some point, you’ve used or handled a Swiss Knife. It’s just darn convenient to tote it around.  If you need to open a bottle, or you need to screw back a loose bolt on your gadget or device,  whisk out your Swiss Knife and voila! Problem solved.  Well,  Him@Mutant Designs Lab just came out with a Swiss Knife for the Digital Age.   Called the WonderCube, it’s an emergency  charger,  USB memory stick  and card reader, smartphone charger and data cable, torch (flashlight) all packed in a 1-inch cube.


It has a built-in 9V battery charger to charge your phone.  This is useful if you can’t access an outlet or a USB port  or you’re in a remote area.

While it doesn’t have  internal memory, you can pop in a flash memory card (up to 64GB) for extra memory or you can use it as a card reader.

On top of that, the WonderCube has  microsuction cups plate allowing it to act a s phone stand.

It also has a data cable link, albeit a short one but it’s enough for data transfers between your smartphone and your computer.  And it’s a flashlight as well so it’s handy in case you need to light up a spot. Plus it has a small key ring so you can attach your keys to it as well.  This is just a smart device to bring with you.

WonderCube Features

The WonderCube is available for order on Indiegogo and starts at US$39. It will be available to backers by August of this year so check it out. In the near future,  you’ll be able to use this together with clothes that can power up small devices so you won’t need to get a 9V batter to charge your smartphone.

We’ll likely get our hands on this device very soon so stay tuned.








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