Buy a Samsung 40 inch LED TV and Get a Free 24 inch TV

Buy a Samsung 40 inch LED TV and Get a Free 24 inch TV

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We haven’t done promos in a while but this is something you might be interested in especially if you’re looking to buy a new TV.

Shift from a flat TV to a curved TV and discover a new experience in TV viewing with the Samsung Curve It Up promo. From July 13 to July 31, get a chance to take home a second TV or as much as Php 32,000 worth of gifts with every Samsung Curved TV purchase.

Get a 32″ Smart TV when you buy a 55″ Curved UHD TV. Alternatively, get a 32″ LED TV when you buy a 49″ Curved UHD TV. Lastly, customers can take home a 24″ LED TV when they buy a 40″ Curved Full HD TV. On top of these, customers can enjoy up to 7,000 Mabuhay Miles points and 1 year iflix subscription worth Php 1,500.

Samsung Curved TV

Unlike flat TVs, Samsung Curved TVs offer a truly immersive experience. Its wrap-around effect allows viewers to see more on screen and makes images larger than they are for a more enjoyable TV viewing experience. Samsung Curved TVs also causes less eye strain which makes TV series marathons a relaxing experience even after hours of non-stop viewing.

Moreover, its elegant 360 degree curved screen comes with an equally elegant back design, making it the star of any room. Beautiful both inside and out, Samsung Curved TVs not only elevate one’s viewing experience but also complements the living space.

Head on to the nearest participating Samsung outlet and see how Samsung Curved TVs can make family quality time more exciting! For more details, visit