Get the NeuSpace DIY Home Organization System

Get the NeuSpace DIY Home Organization System

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Space (not the vacuum or airless-cold space between the stars) has become a premium for most home owners.

We keep adding stuff to our homes and sometimes the old space that used to house just about everything isn’t enough.

Well, you can solve those room issues with the NeuSpace, a DIY customer organization system.

It’s more than just rods and shelves. It’s a new online solution that makes improving any space in the home simple, fast, and satisfying.

Adjustable rods and shelves make it simple to rearrange this home organization system. They’re all interchangeable and you can transform it to make room for more or de-clutter.

NeuSpace lets homeowners get creative in organizing any space in new or existing homes. It can fit reach-in closets to walk-in spaces. If you want to organize your in-home laundry room, pantry, garages and entryways, you can do it with NeuSpace.


And if you’re thinking about quality, well the NeuSpace won’t bend and break easily. It has thermally fused laminate surfaces and 3/4″ thick panels and shelves. If handled properly, it’ll last you a long time but it does come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Home owners can choose from five colors, four drawer and door styles. It also has a wide variety of accessories and configuration options. And if you need ideas, you can check out the company’s website at They offer an array of organization ideas for each space to aid in the planning process.

What’s great about it is that the online design tool makes it easy to design a space. With just a few clicks, homeowners can put together a combination of configurations to fit their needs. Select the size, color, and style to match your unique space and style.

Pricing is updated at every step of the design process to help homeowners stay within their budgets. You can save your Designs or retrieve at any time through an online account.

Unfortunately they can’t ship to the Philippines. We’re really hoping that this particular home organization system gets imported here. Or a big department store company offers one.

For now, you’ll have to settle for sending it to a relative or friend who lives near a Home Depot store in the US.

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