Awesome stuff for your Smart Home!

Awesome stuff for your Smart Home!

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2014 is almost over and we’re just a few weeks away from the New Year. To start off your New Year right, here are some awesome devices to make your homes smart (or smarter, if you already have one).


Induction Cookers

If you love cooking but you can’t have an LPG or gas tank in your home, then an induction cooker is what you need.

Back in the day, induction cookers were pretty expensive and uncommon. It was pretty slick to see them in action, heating up the pot without burning anything up. It automatically detects the pan you’re putting on and turns off immediately once you remove it.

dowell induction

If you want faster, more consistent heating that’s more energy efficient, you can’t go wrong with an induction cooker. Dowell, La Germania and a few other brands have their own induction cookers and they don’t cost that much anymore.

Price range: P4000+

Oil-free Health Fryers

If you want great fried food without the greasy cooking (because in order to get fried food, you’d normally have to dip it in a boiling pot of cooking oil) then get yourself an oil-free Health Fryer.


Russell Hobbs Oilfree Health Fryer is like a big rice cooker but instead of cooking rice, it fries food. It uses pure, fast-circulating air to cook food. You can basically fry, roast and bake with it. Pretty awesome, we tell you, and it’s a great kitchen implement if you want to eat healthy.

Price range: P9000 +

Nescafe Dolce Gusto

If you always wanted to have great coffee, not just brewed, but really great tasting coffee, you’d have to scoot over to a Starbucks and order one. Save yourself the trouble and get yourself a Dolce Gusto coffee machine by Nescafe.

Just get the Dolce Gusto pack of your choice, plunk it down on this machine, and watch as awesome aroma and liquid coffee goodness come out. It’s that easy to operate. You get over 30 coffee varieties to choose from.

dolce gusto

Get the  Nescafe Dolce Gusto and save yourself the cost of buying expensive Starbucks coffee.

Price range: P2500+


Robot Vac

If you don’t like sweeping the floor regularly to clear off dust, hairs, detritus and what have you, then a vacuum cleaner would be an awesome idea. But if you don’t like chugging one, getting it out of the store room just to use it, get a Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

robot vacuum cleaners

These little guys go over hardwood and marble surfaces, scooping, sweeping floors and even sanitizing them. They’ll pick up dust, hair and even small bits of paper cleanly. Just don’t expect them to suck up everything. While they are definitely more expensive than the usual vacuum cleaner, the great thing about robot vacuum cleaners is that they free you up the time to do other things.

Price range: P6000+

Electrolux Dynamica Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re really obsessive about cleanliness, then a hand-held vacuum cleaner is what you need. If you want a vacuum cleaner that won’t give you a hernia while you’re using it, then give the Electrolux Dynamica a whirl. It’s a standing vacuum cleaner that’s pretty light. It’ll do a good job at cleaning your floors plus you can switch it to a short piece to make it portable.

electrolux dynamica vacuum cleaner

It’s not as cool as a robot vacuum cleaner but this one is still pretty awesome to use.

Price range: P3,500 +

Portable Washing Machine

You’ve seen the portable washing machines, those that are driven by a crank. Well, if you don’t like to hand crank a portable washing machine, but would still like a small washing machine then get an electric portable washing machine.

portable washing machine

It will still occupy some space but it won’t be as big as your standard (hernia-inducing) washing machine. In spite of its size,  it’s powerful enough to clean everyday clothes but it won’t consume that much electricity.

Price range: P6000+

Home Entertainment

3D Projector

If you like watching movies in 3D (or 2D) on the big screen but don’t want to get out of the house, then get yourself a 3D projector.

It beats watching on a small TV plus it won’t consume that much power — and the heat dissipation is less than what you would get from a regular TV.

Epson 3D projector

Some of the better 3D projectors have native 1080 p resolution and dish out 120 mhz motion. You’ll need a projector screen, though, but if you’ve got a sizable blank wall space, then you’re good to go. Just make sure it’s white so the projection will look real good.

And don’t forget to get the 3D glasses.

Price range: P25000+


Soundbars are some of the best type of speakers for your home entertinament center. While more expensive than standard speaker systems, soundbars are easier to install, meaning you won’t have to put up stands that get in the way of people or lay wires all over the floor. Some are even wireless. And while there were issues before about fidelity, soundbars today are way better and provide the same amount of clarity, base, fidelity as their bigger speaker cousins.

Sony Soundbar

If you want a stress-free sound system that occupies less space, get a soundbar speaker system.

Price range: P15000+

Video game console

Everyone needs to vent off or lose themselves in a game once in a while. If you’re like some us Smart Homes Now staff who love video games, then it’s time to get a dedicated video game console. The next gen consoles right now are Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony PS4 and Nintendo Wii U.

They currently provide the best graphics and sounds for video games (except for games played on gaming computers or laptops). The reason video consoles are smart is their ease of use. Just hook up the HDMI cable to your TV (which you only do once), fire up the console, plunk down the Blu-ray game title and that’s it.

next gen Video Game console

On top of that, these consoles have motion recognition functions, letting you play some games through motion, gestures and more.

The video game consoles are already available and there is a veritable library of games available for every type of gamer.

Price range: P20000+


Emir Samonte writes to live. Lives to write? Probably. Family Man, Avid Gamer, Comic Book Reader. Loves tech, sci-fi and heroic fantasy.