Clean your Clothes Without Detergent with Crystal Wash 2.0

Clean your Clothes Without Detergent with Crystal Wash 2.0

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Sometimes when you buy a  washing machine,  it comes with washing machine accessories that look like weird Christmas ornaments. These are supposed to help clean clothes better.  Well, someone came up with an even better accessory  (waaay better): the Crystal Wash 2.0.  It’s a  spherical washing machine device that can clean clothes without detergent.

Yes, you read that right.  The Crystal Wash 2.0 is a device that you put in together with the laundry load.  Turn on the washing machine and then watch it clean your clothes without any chemicals.  It does so with the help of  bio ceramic beads, which the makers say,  will clean clothes as effectively as laundry detergent.

Crystal Wash 2.0

The bio ceramic beads don’t contain any dye, perfumes and chemicals so it’s gentle on hands and fabrics.  Since you don’t have to use detergent, your washing machine won’t have to produce waste water filled with chemicals from the detergent, fabric conditioners and detritus from your clothes.  It will purportedly save water by lowering required rinse cycles and produce less pollutants.

The Crysyal 2.0 can be used up to 1000 washes and you only need to recharge it by putting it under the sun; that’s pretty neat.

There’s even a connected version and a smartphone app that tells you when to recharge it,   provide pH level readings,  inform you when your wash is done and more.

It’s still in the Kickstarter stage but a lot of people have funded it already and will be made available this September.

This is one washing machine accessory that we want to get your grubby hands on. If it really delivers, it’ll be one of the best things to happen since sliced bread. Or Oven Toasters.



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