Create Your Own Personal Sound Field with Music Wrap M25

Create Your Own Personal Sound Field with Music Wrap M25

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Headphones and earphones are pretty great. But once you put them on, you’re basically shutting yourself away from your surroundings.  It’s great when you just want to listen to music and zone out. But most of the time, it makes you less aware of what’s happening around you.

Well, the Music Wrap will help solve that issue. The M25’s innovative combination of speaker and headphone product design creates a dedicated “personal sound field” that brings music to life without sacrificing the user’s awareness to his or her surroundings.

Music Wrap M25 Audio Device

So you don’t have to put the Music Wrap onto your ears. Its detachment of the headphone from the ear lessens the chance of injuries to the human eardrum. All of the controls are on the device. And what’s great about it is it can sit perfectly around your neck.

You can listen to music without shutting you off from your surrounding. The device is connected to mobile phones via Bluetooth so it can be used as a hands-free device with the push of a button. It’s  weatherproof, anti-shock, dust-proof, and  promises to provide a long battery life.

It’s not just a pair of neckphones , it can bent to various positions. It can be free standing speakers, wrapped around straps on bags, as well as on wrists.

Check out the video below.

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