D-Link Tips to Secure your Homes

D-Link Tips to Secure your Homes

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We know that it’s the school year but if you’re planning to go on an overnight vacation  this weekend and you’re taking everyone with you, D-Link has some home security automation tips for you. Check it out.

D-Link delivers simple DIY home security products to keep an eye on what matters most, even while miles away. Unlike some competing products that require contracts, subscription fees and indiscriminately dump the entire feed into the cloud, D-Link® cameras feature local recording options as well as sound and motion detection, giving them a remarkably small bandwidth footprint.

D-Link delivers simple DIY home security products to keep an eye on what matters most, even while miles away.

D-Link delivers simple DIY home security products to keep an eye on what matters most, even while miles away.

“No homeowner wants to return from a wonderful vacation to see their home vandalized and their valuables gone,” said Daniel Kelley, vice president of marketing, D-Link Systems, Inc. “Taking steps to secure your home not only provides peace of mind, it can also deter burglars. D-Link offers a variety of easy to use home security solutions that will allow vacationers to relax a little easier this summer.”

D-Link offers several security solutions to keep homes safe during summer travel, including the mydlink® Camera Video Recorder (DNR-202L) that can simultaneously stream, record and playback up to four D-Link Wi-Fi Cameras*. The DNR-202L records footage locally to an attached USB hard drive, accessible from anywhere via the free mydlink View app or the mydlink.com portal, and it doesn’t require a dedicated PC to run.


D-Link offers the following tips for securing your home to bring peace of mind to your vacation.

Make Your Camera Obvious: First and foremost, install a camera and make it obvious – burglars are less likely to target a home that has cameras installed near doors and windows. Whether monitoring inside with a D-Link Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-5020L) or outside with the D-Link HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-2330L), D-Link’s line of home surveillance cameras provides cost-effective, DIY alternatives to expensive home alarm systems. In addition, these cameras offer night vision for a clear view in low-light conditions.
Monitor Your Home from Afar: Relax a little easier by using your mobile device to make sure your home is safe and the teenage neighbor is feeding the cat regularly. The free mydlink mobile apps work with D-Link home surveillance cameras and connect directly to a smartphone or tablet to provide users a live view of their home anytime, anywhere.
React Quickly: An average burglary will last between 8 to 12 minutes. The mydlink app can send push notifications directly to a smartphone or tablet, alerting homeowners of sound or motion detection. This alert can give homeowners time to call the police or a neighbor.
Keep Record: Keep video footage for future use. The D-Link DNR-202L allows for motion or schedule based recording of high-quality video and audio and records locally, so there is no need for cloud-based storage contracts or fees. Recorded footage is accessible with the free mydlink View app, and if an intruder breaks or steals your Wi-Fi camera, the recorded footage is still safe.

Secure your homes. Be Smart and install home security and home automation solutions.

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