Dyson Bladeless Fan Eco Friendly

Dyson Bladeless Fan Eco Friendly

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We featured the Dyson Bladeless before. It’s a pretty awesome fan since it doesn’t need any blades. But what’s also great about it is its reduced environmental impact.

Dyson Bladeless is a pretty awesome fan since it doesn't need any blades. But what's also great about it is its reduced environmental impact.

Less. Fewer. Glass half empty. Disappointment. Dyson is striving to turn this notation around. At Dyson, having less means getting much more in return. And the latest range of bladeless fans, the Dyson Cool, is a testament to this.

“On a planet of finite resources, engineers and their inventions have an important role to play,” explains James Dyson, founder and chief engineer of British technology company Dyson. “We are by our very nature problem solvers, striving to make things work better. And using energy and materials sparingly and ingeniously is a prerequisite of the job.”

Less material
Six years ago, Dyson engineers completely reinvented the personal fan. Instead of relying on rotating blades to ‘chop’ air, they accelerated air through an annular aperture, harnessing a phenomenon known as the Coanda effect. The surrounding air is drawn in and a smooth, powerful, high velocity flow is projected out. With no blades and grilles, there are fewer components to manufacture and less material to ship around the world. And because Dyson has done away with chopping blades, the machines are safe for kids and pets as well as easy to clean.
Less energy
In the next generation of Air MultiplierTM fans, launched in the Philippines this year, airways have been fine tuned to significantly reduce turbulence. The motor no longer needs to work so hard to generate the same cooling performance – resulting in 18% reduction in carbon emissions.

Less noise
High speed air creates noise. And tuning out unwanted noise poses a significant engineering challenge. The easy thing to do would be to smother the machine with acoustic insulation material. Instead, a specialist team of Dyson acoustic engineers designed a Helmholtz cavity to capture sound waves travelling through the fan. The cavity alone eliminates tones of up to 1,000Hz, similar to the tone produced by a mosquito’s beating wing.

The Dyson Cool fan provides smooth airflow without the noise generated by high speed air. The new Dyson Cool reduces noise by 75% while maintaining the same cooling performance as its predecessor.

A result of PHP2.6 billion investment in research and development, its current design is a product of Dyson engineers’ hard work for the past three years. The new Dyson Cool also comes equipped with a remote control, a sleep timer, and ten precise airflow settings.

Pricing and availability
Pricing for the AM06, AM07 and AM08 starts at Php 19,990, Php 29,500, and Php 31,500 respectively. The Dyson Cool fans are available in black/nickel and white/silver a colors.

These are all available in Century City Mall (concept store), Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-la, Rustan’s Gateway, Rustan’s Cebu, Abenson Alabang, Abenson Ascott, Anson’s The Link, Robinsons Appliance Magnolia, Robinsons Appliance Eastwood, SM Appliance Rockwell, and SM Appliance Megamall.