Essential (Holiday) Gear for the Hybrid Worker

Essential (Holiday) Gear for the Hybrid Worker

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While there is still a pandemic and the vaccine is still months away from our reach, we would like to remind you that it’s just 32 days to Christmas day. We know that we still need to work, but would it be grand to have gear when you work from home or go to the office? Fret not, as we’ve prepared a list of  POLY’s essential (holiday) gear for the hybrid worker. 

Not another holiday wish list

Yes, this is another wish list, but  we think these POLY recommendations are quite useful. These are devices that will help you work from home and still be a mobile workforce. 


WFH sometimes requires you to do a video conference, although you can communicate easily with e-mail or chat. But in the event you need to do videocon, get the Poly EagleEye Mini. 

You don’t need drivers for this. Just plug it in, and you can start your videocon almost immediately. 


This handy little USB-powered HD video conferencing camera connects to your laptop or home computer and features 1080P HD video to bring crisp videos to your meetings. The EagleEye Mini also lets you do 4x electronic zoom and has a 74-degree field of view that makes conference calls feel like in-person meetings. 

Block out distractions: POLY VOYAGER FOCUS UC

Distractions. It happens when you least expect it, and you don’t want it, especially if you’re on an important call. Sometimes it’s that Chihuahua is barking asking to go out to do its thing, a drunk neighbor murdering Christina Aguilera’s song Beautiful or at a cafe, and there’s this guy from the next table, talking loudly on his mobile, asking pitifully for a second date.


You don’t want other people to hear all that background noise so, get a headset like the Voyager Focus UC. This headset can filter out the background noise so that they can listen to you clearly and loudly. And once the meeting is over, you can listen to music with the Voyager Focus UC as it delivers rich bass, crisp highs, and natural mid-tones to let you enjoy your favorite tunes.

Performance meets comfort: POLY VOYAGER 6200 UC

But what if you want something lighter?  The Voyager 6200 UC neckband delivers professional-grade audio performance for mobile and PC calls and features an immersive stereo for music lovers. The earbud promises to be comfortable, stable, fits nearly all ear sizes and shapes, and is easy to put on and take off. And since this is a neckband, it’s lightweight, and it’ll contour to any user. And if you receive a call or if you have an alert, the collar vibrates, in case you don’t have it in your ears. It also has four omnidirectional microphones for better voice clarity.


The Voyager 6200 UC can pair with up to eight devices, connecting to two at a time: no more fumbling around unpairing and pairing when you need to go on a call or listen to Christina Aguilera or some other song.

Go anywhere: POLY VOYAGER 5200 UC  

They are calling you for a meeting. The thing is, you’re in your car or out on an afternoon stroll to get a bagel or donuts.

Poly has an answer for that. The Voyager 5200 UC, a mono Bluetooth headset, lets you work from wherever you are and with all-day comfort. It has six layers of WindSmart technology and four omnidirectional microphones that work in tandem to reduce distracting background noise, giving you a clear connection.  It has a pocket-sized design making it an excellent mobile warrior tool. 

So that’s it for this Poly list. Some of us may be dreading the festive season (you know why), but the majority of people are looking forward to the holidays. Giving presents during this holiday only happens once a year. You can give it to people that matter to you. Or get one yourself. You deserve it.

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