Five Filipino Twitter Consumer Insights You Ought To Know

Five Filipino Twitter Consumer Insights You Ought To Know

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Do you want to know  more about Filipino consumer spending habits? Here’s one:  there were more than 12 million food-related mentions on Twitter in 2019. 
Twitter has come up with more interesting Filipino consumer insights.
According to the Q3 2020 Consumer Expectations Survey by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Filipinos are expected to spend less and focus on essential goods instead, with the spending outlook index declining to 26.4% for Q4 2020.  It’s probably because millions lost their jobs and need to take care of necessities.  While this may be a low point, interestingly, consumers are still optimistic about recovering for the next 12 months.

Want to know more? Here are five more Filipino consumer insights collected by Twitter.

They search for what they want.
Even before going online or to the grocery, Filipinos check out for promos or sales beforehand. They check out newspapers, friends who saw something, or social media posts. More than 1/2 of Filipinos on Twitter attest that they actively search for the products they want to buy. Filipino consumers most likely made up their minds on which items to pick even before the actual buying session.

People discover brands through ads seen on social media, so brands need to have a consistent online presence to help them be a part of the consumers’ top of mind.

Filipinos are highly receptive
Filipino consumers are outspoken on just about anything. And we’ve seen it. Filipinos have something to say, whether on a brand’s messaging, product offerings, or partaking in discussions that impact lives. And this is a little weird, but Eighty-three percent (83%) of Filipinos on Twitter describe themselves as “opinion leaders,” and they maximize the platform to start a conversation. Wow. We did not see that coming.

In social media, consumers and brands have equal footing on creating the narrative. Apart from initiating the talk, it’s crucial to pique interest by reflecting their audience’s reality. Brands can try different approaches or strategies. But when it comes to ads, 31% of Filipinos on Twitter are more receptive to emotionally stimulating ads. We’re pretty sure that you’ve seen some of the tear-jerker Jollibee and Globe ads. If those ads didn’t touch you, you have a rock for a heart. If you haven’t, you must have lived under a rock. Or another dimension. Or both.


Food is the way into their hearts.
You know the adage, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Well, that could apply to just about everyone.
Though 72% of Filipinos on Twitter are into cooking, brands need to focus on other groups. Food shoppers are also on the lookout for the best deals, and 41% of Filipino Twitter users share that they are the primary food shoppers at home. It’s an opportunity for brands to create campaigns that can join the consumers on the whole journey, from shelves to tables. For example, a brand can do a promotional sale and another campaign highlighting how people can whip easy recipes using their products.


Personal care is a must
You have to take care of yourself. You have to love yourself because there’s only one you. So eat healthily, stay fit, de-stress, and feel beautiful every day. Among Filipinos on Twitter, 68% are considered health fitness and beauty enthusiasts.

There is a ton of personal care and beauty trends that people are into now. New trends come with new products, so brands must innovate and provide more choices for consumers’ ever-growing demands.

And the basics never go out of style. Consumers have a soft spot for familiar and essential things.  Here are the top personal care/beauty items purchased in the last month.


Clean home, sweet home

Most of us #StayingAtHome channel Marie Kondo. Sixty-three (63%) of Filipinos on Twitter are interested in DIYs and other home improvement projects. Filipinos have also accepted their Tito and Tita status by saying they are home and lifestyle enthusiasts (78%) and are into gardening (40%). Seeing this growing interest among the category, it’s suitable for home and lifestyle brands to up their campaigns.

Here are the top home essential products in the last month.


So there you have it. We’ll have more Twitter updates so stay tuned.