Five Gift Suggestions for the Smart Home

Five Gift Suggestions for the Smart Home

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The Holiday season has officially started, and we’re weeks away from 2021. It’s the holidays, and it’s only right that you get yourself something nice for you and your loved ones.

So here’ are five excellent gift entertainment recommendations from the SmartHomes Now team.

Living Room Home Entertainment

If you don’t like clunky and massive speaker boxes, then what you need is a soundbar. They’re thin enough to be put on your home entertainment centers or cabinets. Some soundbars dish out handle 2.1, while others can put out 360 degrees surround sound. Check out the TCL Soundbars.

The TCL Alto 9+ Sound Bar, Alto 8i, Alto3 6/6+, and the Alto 3 soundbars promise to enhance current home theater setups and deliver an immersive entertainment experience with stunning audio quality. The new TCL soundbars will feature three distinct listening modes – Movie, Music, and TV so that you can customize your audio experience.




Bring the Big screen to your home

We all miss watching on the big screen, so the closest thing you can get is the Epson Home Cinema 2250 and 2200 projectors.The Home Cinema 2250 and 2200 projectors have built-in Android TV for seamless app streaming.


These two models also include a simple-to-use remote with built-in Google Assistant™ for voice search capabilities. And if you want to play games on it, the Home Cinema 2250 and 2200 offer gamma uplift and 21:9 ultra-wide images. See dark areas easily and enjoy a wider viewing angle during gameplay.






Gaming nostalgia, here we come!

The older guys here at SmartHomes Now loved their Game & Watches back then. The good news is that gamers who still have a special place for that beloved portable gaming device can get the new Nintendo Game & Watch System.

This version comes pre-loaded with Super Mario Brothers games and a slick digital clock with cool animations. It has the usual D-pad and collection of buttons to play more game modes and more. And the display is all in color, not in monochrome. It’s a pocketable Super Mario Brothers game that you can bring anywhere.We’ll settle for this until we get our Xbox Series X or the Playstation 5. Or both.




Gaming headphone goodness

Since we mentioned that we want the new Playstation and Xbox, it would be great to pair them with gaming headphones.

Turtle Beach’s all-new Stealth 600 & 700 Gen 2 wireless console gaming headsets fit the bill. These headsets can handle immersive next-gen audio on the new Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation®5 but still work great with Xbox One and PS4™. But if you want a headset to go for your pro-gaming matches, then get the Turtle Beach  Elite Pro 2 headset. It delivers console gaming audio performance for serious, hardcore, and competitive players. 



Acer Gaming monitors that are eye-safe

Get a gaming monitor while you’re at it. And get one that’s safe for your eyes. The new Acer desktop monitor displays are the Predator XB3, Nitro XV2, Acer CB2, and BL0 series. These top-of-the-line gaming monitors are superb options for playing the most graphics-intensive video and PC games. Aside from that, these Acer monitors have achieved Eyesafe® certification. These monitors display more vivid colors but reduce blue light emissions. Too much blue light damages the eye.  

Acer Gaming Monitors meet Eyesafe standard


So there you have it! Stay tuned for more Gift suggestions this holiday season!