LEOCH is your  next-generation battery power station.

LEOCH is your next-generation battery power station.

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We’ve featured solar power generators, and here at SmartHomes Now Philippines, we want to give you more options. We saw this at indiegogo.com, and the LEOCH could be your next-generation battery power station. 

LEOCH can fast charge any device or home appliance. It’ll even charge an electric car if you have one.  The 2,048Wh LiFePO4 battery pack is in a durable aluminum alloy housing and protected by a reinforced ABS+PC shed. 

LEOCH packs in 2x regular USB ports, 2x fast-charging USB ports, 2x 45W PD USB-C ports, 4x AC wall outlets, 2x 300W DC outputs, plus one car outlet.   It provides a reassuring 10.5 extra miles on a single charge. That’s how powerfully versatile the LEOCH is.

The LEOCH comes equipped with the latest LiFePO4 battery – next generation Lithium batteries.  LiFePO4 batteries have high safety, high rate charge-discharge characteristics, and long cycle life.

The manufacturers made the LEOCH compact enough and easy to maneuver as it comes with wheels so that you can bring it anywhere. It doesn’t need bulky adapters – just one AC input cable is all you need when you want to recharge.

Power up appliances like electric stoves, coffee makers, refrigerators and more with the LEOCH

You can also use the LEOCH as a backup generator for life-saving medical equipment like a CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) machine or a medical fridge. Your CPAP machine will continue to work for the next 34-68 hours with the LEOCH.

The LEOCH also has an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS feature, which instantly provides backup power, as well as surge protection, for all your plug-in equipment.

This battery power station is simple to operate and easy to recharge. You can restore its charge through a 300W AC input, 300W solar input, and 150 WDC input (through an Anderson outlet). You can restore LEOCH from a combination of power sources and, with its rapid recharge capability, up to 80% in around 3 hours.

You can charge the LEOCH through AC or DC input. Using the latter is the most stable and simple way of charging a battery station when you prepare backup power for your home or out-of-town trips.

And if you prefer solar, the LEOCH can be charged even on cloudy days, provided you have the right solar panels. It comes bundled with an Anderson outlet, which is compatible with most solar panels in the market. Through solar input, you can get the LEOCH to 80% in around 5 hours.

An intelligent BMS protects your LEOCH from power surges and overheating, monitoring and alerting you of any sharp temperature changes.

Finally, the LEOCH has a storage box where the AC charging cable, car charging cable, and user manual are.   

If you back it now on IndieGoGo, it’ll come with a two-year warranty. Click here for more information.