Know some shopping factoids from Twitter

Know some shopping factoids from Twitter

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It’s literally one day before big 11-11, and Shopee and Lazada are coming out with their respective promotions. It’s like a holiday here in the Philippines whenever these special days come. But shopping isn’t just to get stuff; it has become a retail therapy. 

And it has gone massive. 

Twitter has some interesting stats and figures on how shopping has changed and why it’s a good thing. 

1. Most Filipinos bought their essentials online.


Since people #StayAtHome, Filipinos go over the internet to safely add to their shopping carts. In the past month, 78% of Filipinos on Twitter have recently purchased a product online, while 93% have visited an online retail site or store to check out items. 

Purchasing habits evolved and also seen during the lockdown period, with Filipinos mostly stocking up on the essentials. Here are the top 5 items Filipino users bought online in the last month.

2. People think before they shop

Consumers don’t settle for just product photos and information. Now, online shoppers do their research to gather more details about the product and if it’s worth buying. Over 69% of Filipino online shoppers on Twitter always do their research first before making a purchase. 

Also, 55% of Filipino online shoppers go to social media to discover new markets and check out real sentiments and reviews from buyers

Check out this tweet:

3. Connecting to interests pique their attention 

When creating their message, brands can draw inspiration from the language of their target audience. For starters, Female shoppers are into music (82%), food and drink (81%), and cooking (80%), while top picks for male shoppers are technology (82%), gadgets (79%), and music (78%). 

4. Purchase drivers among Filipinos

For Filipino online shoppers on Twitter, 67%  purchase goods if there’s free delivery. Fifty-five percent (55%) buy from brands who champion advocacies, 52% check out if a store allows pay with cash, and discounts entice 50%. Shoppers nowadays are more conscious about issues, so brands must consider championing advocacy genuinely. 

5. Filipinos openly express excitement in shopping moments.

Though 9/9, 10/10, or 11/11 sales only happen for one day, conversations around it begin and last longer. For brands to successfully launch their campaigns, here’s an overview of how conversations unfold during e-commerce shopping days and how brands can successfully tread the whole journey.







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