Save the earth and use compostable bags and plant-powered air purifiers

Save the earth and use compostable bags and plant-powered air purifiers

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Climate change is happening, and the Philippines is one of the countries adversely affected by it. Frequent inconceivable intense storms have lashed the country, and when El Nino hits, it’s devastating.
We need to save ourselves and the earth. We can start by using compostable bags and plant-powered air purifiers.

A-Zero Compostable Bags

It’s great that more people are using paper bags and eco bags at the supermarket, groceries, and other stores. According to the Earth Policy Institute, nearly 2 million plastic bags are used and disposed of every minute. And every time we utilize a reusable bag, we put a big dent in plastic bag usage reduction.
But what’s better than a reusable bag? How about reusable, compostable plastic bags?

A-Zero’s eco-friendly replacement for plastics is reusable bags made from vegetable starch. The makers say that these bags are organic, fully compostable, and safe for the environment and wildlife.

A-Zero’s bags takes 18 months to degrade and dissolve into safe organics. On the other hand, a plastic bag takes about 300 years to dissolve and leaves toxic materials while it degrades.

A-Zero Trashbags

A-Zero’s bags are available as reusable zip bags, compostable gloves, reusable grocery bags, trash bags, and non-woven totes. Check it out here.


The plant-powered Briiv Air Purifier

What else can you do to save the planet? If you’re a Plantito or a Plantita, then you’re going to love the Briiv Air Filter.
On their IndieGoGo page, the makers of Briiv said that the Briiv uses 100% renewable and natural materials to filter the air in your home or office environment.

We’ve talked about how air pollution can cause respiratory problems and possibly serious illnesses. Air purifiers are supposed to help reduce air pollutants, pollen in the air, and more.

The problem with traditional air purifiers is that their filters are expensive to replace and are potential environmental problems.

The Briiv uses four fully biodegradable filters. It uses the natural micro-structures of moss, coconut, carbon, and wool to filter air. These filters are plastic-free and degrade in a matter of months into harmless soil.

But you’ll probably ask, “It does look cool, but it’s still using plastic for a casing, so it doesn’t do anything for the environment.”

Well, you are right. But it is 90% natural. Briiv’s makers used a new bio-plastic derived from elephant grass, grown where crops can’t be. This crop captures carbon in the process and fully biodegrades.
Using this bioplastic is more earth-friendly than recycling standard plastics.

It looks cool, plus it has other features such as smart speaker compatibility, low power consumption, app control (for when you want to work it over time), and more. If you want more information, click here.

Let’s all do our share to save the earth. We’ll have more environment-friendly updates and features on SmartHomes Now. Stay tuned.






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