Get comfy with the Couch Console

Get comfy with the Couch Console

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Has this ever occurred to you? You’re on your couch or sofa, and you’re watching a movie, a documentary, or a series. You got your snacks, your drink, the remote, and your phone beside you, and you’re enjoying yourself. Then disaster strikes, and you spill your drink onto yourself, your food, the remote, and even your phone. 

It sucks, right? What if we told you that you could put all of that in a console, including your drink, and it won’t spill, even if you move around a lot? 

The Couch console can do that and more. It’s a cupholder, snack cup, phone stand, charging dock, remote tray, and storage, all rolled into one. So first off, the cup holder has a gyroscope system. It’ll make sure the cup will stay in a vertical position no matter how uneven the surface where Couch Console is on. You can even lock the system. It’s also modular. So you can mix and match the layout of the console if you want to put in two beverages or more snacks, storage, or more devices.

But there’s more to the Couch Console than just putting snacks and drinks. It has a USB C plug where you can attach a power bank or any external battery. On top of that, it has a storage system where you can put other small essentials.

The Couch console is pretty light as well as it has recycled foam as its base. 

So if you want everything within easy reach, whether you’re working or watching something on the sofa, then get the Couch Console. It’s currently on Indiegogo, and you can order one for yourself.




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