Get Kiba, the First Interactive Self-Editing Video Camera

Get Kiba, the First Interactive Self-Editing Video Camera

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It’s great to record those great moments with family and friends. The thing is, most of the time, someone has to hold the camera to take the shot. Someone has to do it and that person will lose out on some great moments.
Kiba will solve that. It is the one of the first interactive self-editing video camera. It captures and curates your best moments using patented “joy ranking” technology, allowing you to enjoy time with family and friends without having to film or edit video. You can voice command the Kiba as well. It responds easily to voice commands like “Kiba, record,” “Kiba, remember,” or “Kiba, selfie.”

Raji Kannan, Kiba CEO and founder, said, “Home is a social place with many special everyday moments. I often find that when I am capturing, I am not in the frame, or by the time I reach for the camera, the magic of the moment is lost. Or I might be away from home, but I don’t want to miss my little daughter’s moments. I have no time to go through hours of video footage and edit the best pieces. We built Kiba to record and share home videos effortlessly with family and friends – it’s handsfree and easy to use. Kiba celebrates life and everyone’s unique stories.”

Kiba is world's first interactive self‐editing video camera. Winner of two CES 2016 Innovation awards, Kiba allows users to enjoy their best moments with friends and family. It uses intelligent, patented "joy ranking" technology to capture and curate footage, providing users with beautifully edited, easily shareable video clips. Kiba responds to voice commands like "Kiba, selfie," "Kiba, record," or "Kiba, remember."  Go to to learn more or order now! (PRNewsFoto/Kiba)

Kiba is world’s first interactive self‐editing video camera. Winner of two CES 2016 Innovation awards (PRNewsFoto/Kiba)

Kiba’s Joy Ranking technology, based on artificial intelligence, uses audio and visual cues and ranks the top clips automatically, requiring no editing from the user. Users can immediately see their top moments in the Kiba app (for iOS, Android, and web), and easily share with friends and family. Moments can be stored locally on the Kiba device, or in Kiba’s secure cloud service.

Kiba is already available for preorders which will include one year (12 months) of free cloud storage and an easily attachable camera mount. For more information, visit the Kiba web site or click here