New KODAK CFH-V20 Surveillance Camera Launched

New KODAK CFH-V20 Surveillance Camera Launched

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Tend unveiled its new CFH-V20 video monitoring system, featuring a 180-degree field of view day and night-vision HD video camera. The wireless USB-powered V20 camera can easily be detached from its power base and placed anywhere for quick setup to monitor children, loved ones, pets or property.

Now with the availability of the IFTTT (If This Then That) iSecurity+ Channel, users can connect their V20 WiFi camera with other devices or apps for added automation. More than two dozen iSecurity+ “IF” and “DO” Recipes let consumers configure automatic triggers or actions, such as motion, people and activity detection, or send commands to the camera remotely, such as aiming the camera in a new direction, or enabling or disabling motion detection. For example, by connecting the iSecurity+ Channel to the iOS/Android Location Channel, users can enable geo-fencing capabilities that turn on or off the V20’s motion detection feature based on the mobile device’s GPS location. This allows users to disable motion-triggered notifications while at home—and enable them while away. The iSecurity+ Channel supports the entire line of KODAK V-Series Video Monitors.

KODAK CFH-V20  Video Monitoring System

The premium product in the new KODAK V-Series Video Monitor line, the CFH-V20 offers class-defining versatility, intelligence, image quality and performance features at an affordable $149.95 MSRP. Boasting features most commonly found in high-end commercial-grade technology, the V20 gives consumers outstanding image quality with exceptional ease of use. The V20 features:

the widest, 180-degree field of view in its class, with built-in de-warping, to allow users to see an entire room without fish-eye image distortion and to make it unnecessary to purchase multiple cameras to view a space—plus digital zoom, night vision and two-way audio talkback.
wide dynamic range that automatically corrects scenes with extreme lighting conditions, such as intense backlight surrounding an object, to allow users to better distinguish features and shapes.
detachable USB video camera to allow users to remove the USB video camera from the base and attach it to any standard USB battery pack for on-the-go portability.
built-in WiFi extender that expands users’ existing wireless home network coverage to boost the connection and performance.
lifetime 1-Day cloud storage to enable users to look back on recorded video clips—stored in the cloud—from the past 24 hours.
class-leading Smart Detection service (optional), which eliminates up to 98 percent of false alarms with ART™ human presence detection by UK-based Apical Ltd.

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