Monitor Air Pollution and other Pollutants with uRADMonitor

Monitor Air Pollution and other Pollutants with uRADMonitor

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Air Pollution is getting worse and if we don’t do anything, we’ll likely poison the air that we breathe.

It isn’t just about making sure that the air we breathe at our homes are good, we should do our share in monitoring air pollution. And if  you’re like us, you’ll likely want to get the uRADMonitor. What is it?

uRADMonitor is not just a device but it’s a project that addresses pollution —  the kind that we are unable to see, but directly affects our health and can cause life threatening diseases. To help fight pollution, the developers created a system of devices packed with powerful sensors, capable of detecting both the chemical and the physical harmful factors. Once it gets the data, it goes online to a global network, so anyone can access it freely, at any time.

uRADMonitor devices are able to detected a wide variety of pollutants, like: alpha, beta, gamma and x-ray radiation, an extended range of volatile organic compounds, the dangerous – potentially lethal gasses like Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, particulate matter suspended in air, many of which are hazardous, like: dust, pollen, soot, smoke, or any liquid droplets, as well as barometric pressure, temperature and humidity.

Readings can be viewed instantly on the models that have a display: model D and KIT1. Measurements are centralised automatically, and online data allows us to build graphs, stats and send automated notifications when certain thresholds are reached. The web portal can be accessed on by anyone, at anytime, for free. The project started back in 2013 and the number of worldwide users has already reached 300. This infrastructure is an amazing piece of technology, handling big data loads in real time. With a click, you see the entire world mapped in colours, hopefully as green as possible!

By getting the device, you will not only monitor air pollution levels in your home and in your area but also  contribute to building the global pollution map, increasing people’s awareness on this issue.

For more information, visit Indiegogo or click here.