Samsung Smart Oven Microwaves, Grills, Defrosts and More

Samsung Smart Oven Microwaves, Grills, Defrosts and More

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We’ve always had a soft spot for kitchen appliances that can do more than just one thing.  Juicers, food processors, awesome fryers and ovens. Yes, there are ovens that can microwave, slim fry and even bake; and it works beautifully.  We’re talking about the Samsung Smart Oven F600G.

It microwaves, it fries food without the oil and even bake.  The Samsung Smart Oven is a microwave oven, slim fryer and a conventional oven, all rolled into one impressive kitchen/cooking appliance.  The Smart Oven is slightly bigger than a conventional microwave oven but in spite of its bigger size, we still dig it.

Samsung Smart Oven Exterior

We love the stainless steel design and looks. It just belongs in your sparkly, beautiful kitchen.  The first thing we loved about it is the drop down door. Instead of the usual side hinge opening, you can open it by pulling down its handle, just like what you do on your regular gas range and oven.

We reviewed a slim fryer before and we’re impressed with it. Well, Samsung Smart Oven can slim fry as well. It packs in a special fryer pan to make the magic happen. Just place the dish that you can fry onto the the special pan, push the right buttons and then set the timer.  And it fries food just like a regular frying pan method but without the oil. Fried food is a little dryer than usual but it’s healthier and it still taste great.

Samsung Smart Oven Control Knob

What’s also exceptional about the Samsung Smart Oven? Well, it can bake food as well. Got a hankering for home made yogurt?  Well, you can make one with this Samsung Oven. While we weren’t able to prepare yogurt, Jaime Oliver, the popular English chef, did and he was pretty impressed with it.

But it does more than just cook it. It can also defrost frozen food and the Samsung Smart Oven’s Multi Sensor can tell you the temperature inside the oven and that of the food being defrosted.  Pretty cool right?  And the Multi Sensor also helps you cook your food better by providing accurate temperature so you can tell when it’s time to adjust the time, temperature or when is it time to pull it out of the oven.

And the Samsung Smart Oven has 345mm tray. Its capacity is bigger than your usual microwave oven and that means you can put in more, larger dishes to cook and heat.

It’s got 25 preset cooking menus taking the guesswork from the most common food menus and dishes. More than just, you can combine the microwave with convection or grilling. This will make cooking easier and faster.  But it has its own dial so you can set the temperature and time to cook your favorite dish.

Samsung Smart Oven Preset Controls

We are impressed with the Samsung Smart Oven. It’s microwave oven that  can replace your regular oven, convection cooker and grill and defrosts food.

It won’t do all of the things a regular gas range oven  or full-setup grill we still love it. To be able to microwave, slim fry, grill, bake and even defrost food from one appliance? Come on. That’s a winner. If space is a premium at your place and you don’t want to use too many  appliances, this is the one you want.  For more information the Samsung Smart Oven F600G, click on this link.




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