Sharp launches 120 inch 8K LCD

Sharp launches 120 inch 8K LCD

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Still over the moon with your new 4K TV? We know the feeling. But you may have heard that there are 8K displays already, and it puts to shame those 4K ones.

Well, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC), introduced the new 120″ class (diagonal) 8M-B120C 8K Ultra-HD Professional LCD. We know that it’s a mouthful, but the new 8K display can convey lifelike image detail and quality for brighter, livelier big-screen images.     And it is one of the biggest 8K displays that’s commercially available. 

8K to rule them all

The 8K monitor has 33 million pixels — four times more than a 4K panel. Sharp says that their newest 8k display can create vivid image quality and realistic depth and texture, putting you right inside the scene. The display reproduces improved red, blue, and green gradations in the pixels, employing a wide-color-gamut color filter and optimized LED backlight phosphors. If you ever wanted a TV that can double as a painting, this TV can. Maybe put it in a big enough area so your guests can go through it and admire classic paintings like the Spolarium. Then when your guests are gone, you can pull out the couch and watch Avengers: Endgame in all of its beautiful majesty and action. That’s just an idea, though.

Sharp M-B120C 8K Ultra-HD Professional LCD

It’s meant for showroom and business use but you can still get this for your home.

The 8M-B120C provides continuous operation for up to 16 hours a day because you know you can’t run a TV for 24 hours as it’ll shorten its shelf life. The Sharp 8K display has an embedded 70-watt, multi-speaker audio system as well. We’re also pretty sure that it has a ton of HDMI ports, LAN and PC connections. It can also connect to four PCs via video cables to show content on one large screen. Also, it comes bundled with a floor stand and wall-mounting brackets.

Although they’re aiming this at corporate and business, they won’t say no to consumers who want to have this in their homes.  The new 8K display is available on a special-order basis, though. Click here to know more.



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