Tabot Robot Vacuum cleans & mops for you

Tabot Robot Vacuum cleans & mops for you

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We know that cleaning the house can be a hassle. We use brooms, mops, and all sorts of implements to well, clean.
But wouldn’t it be grand to have a robot that does all of that. Forget about the Jetsons robot maid (that’s not happening yet). If you want a robot vacuum cleaner that sucks up dirt, dust, and mops the floor as well (and doesn’t weigh 500 pounds), look no further. Check out the Tab Tabot robot vacuum.

Vacuum and mops that floor like the Jetsons robot maid only it’s real small and doesn’t weigh a ton

What sets it apart from the rest of its robot brethren is it can vacuum and mop simultaneously. The Tabot has enough suction power enough to lift steel balls. It can easily lift dirt off hardwood floors and even deep clean carpets to remove hair and eliminate dust mites.
But we’ve seen robot vacuum cleaners before, and sometimes vacuuming isn’t enough to remove stains, germs, and allergens. Mopping with a strong disinfectant can remedy that. The Tabot mops. It has a 230ml large capacity water tank so that it can cover a large surface area. It has three electronic control water levels dripping to avoid leakage while pausing, charging, or getting stuck. The Tabot also has an ultra-fine microfiber mop pad on the water tank attachment that hugs your floors without scraping it. 

It has the usual slew of features such as smart mapping & navigation, intelligent control through Wifi, or voice. It even has an anti-winding blade brush roll that delivers non-stop hair removal for hassle-free cleaning. You won’t have to remove the hair around the brush roll. Wow.

Hair of all sorts are no match for the Tabot’s anti-winding blade brush roll. Die hair. Die.

But the Tabot has another great feature. You can remove the vacuum part of the robot and use it to clean other things at home. Super wow.

You can remove the vacuum part of the Tabot and use it to clean other things. Just put it it back after use so it won’t miss it and blame you for removing its soul.

We suggest that you get it for your homes. Check it here, or you can visit


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