SolarReserve Uses Solar Energy Storage Tech Produces Electricity 24 Hour a Day

SolarReserve Uses Solar Energy Storage Tech Produces Electricity 24 Hour a Day

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If we are to avert the global catastrophe that climate change will bring,  we should make some drastic changes in the way that we get energy for our modern homes.

We heard about solar plants being built all over the world and recently SolarReserve answered the call to curb climate change with breakthrough solar energy storage technology utilizing American innovation that can produce solar generated electricity 24 hours a day. The company’s Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project is the first utility-scale solar power plant ever built in the world with fully integrated energy storage technology. Utilizing the sun’s energy, and requiring no fossil fuels, the project delivers electricity on demand, much like a coal, oil, natural gas or nuclear power plant, except with zero emissions, no hazardous waste and low water use.

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The Crescent Dunes project, located near Tonopah, Nevada, generated its first test electricity in the fall of 2015 after completing synchronization with the grid. Full load electricity generation at 110 megawatts of net electricity output has been achieved and the project has passed the necessary test to reach full commercial operation under its 25-year Power Purchase Agreement with NV Energy, Nevada’s largest electric utility. Consistent with the rollout plan, the facility will ramp up to its full annual output over the coming year. The validation of SolarReserve’s revolutionary solar energy storage technology is significant for the future of clean power generation on our planet, as this technology solves the intermittency issues experienced with other renewable energy sources, enabling the delivery of renewable baseload and dispatchable power that can compete head-to-head with traditional fossil-fired and nuclear electricity generation methods. The technology uses tracking mirrors, called heliostats, to focus the sun’s energy onto a receiver to directly heat molten salt and then store it so electricity can be produced day and night.

According to SolarReserve, its key technology is its  molten salt technology, which includes the molten salt receiver designed and manufactured by SolarReserve, the heliostat collector field controls and tracking system, as well as the molten salt energy storage system. The molten salt receiver, which is the heart of the system, is said to be performing in excess of design expectations in terms of heat transfer efficiency.

We hope that we get to see this kind of solar plant installation soon. Hopefully we’ll power our Smart Homes with Solar Power For more information, visit