Solis Combi Grill is for People Who Want an Indoor Grill Party

Solis Combi Grill is for People Who Want an Indoor Grill Party

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We love barbecue and grilling.  But in order to barbecue and grill, you’d have to set up your  equipment  and have one guy can operate the grill; the rest have to wait their turns to either cook the food that they want it or wait for the food to be served. Plus you can’t really grill inside your house because the grill machine is too big and clunky and too messy.

So the Solis Combi Grill is another great idea if you want to bring in the grilling fun inside your home.

Solis Combi Grill

It’s  a 3-in-1 machine letting you grill food as well cook fondue and raclette.   This is bigger than the Petra Stone Grill and grill and cook food for 8 people. And all of them can join in the cooking fun.  It has everything you need to make your 8-person grill party awesome. The Solis Combi Grill has its own set of cooking and heat insulated utensils, grill plate, raclette pans and a fondue pot.  It also has a two (2) built-in thermostats letting people cook their meals the way they like.

We’re adding this to the list of  great kitchen appliances that we want for ourselves.

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