We love the Petra Raclette Multifunctional Stone Grill

We love the Petra Raclette Multifunctional Stone Grill

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We love to grill. We also love to use stone grills. There’s something about using a stone grill. It’s natural and the food that you eat from stone grilled food is almost always exceptionally great tasting (well most of the time to us, that is).

So we when we saw the Petra Raclette multifunctional stone grill, we told ourselves that we  want one.

Petra Raclette Multifunctional Stone Grill

First off, instead of  using gas, the Petra  grill uses electricity to heat up that grill plate on top.  So you can lug this around, if you need to.  And yes, it comes with its own stone plate so it’s just awesome. But it does more than that.  It can also cook raclette; it’ s a Swedish meal where you heat and bake the cheese and scrape off the melted part.

So you can grill and bake stuff with the Petra and it can feed four people. Great for those cozy, small parties for your friends. That’s why we want one already.




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