Tealounge gives you awesome Tea and SMEG goes all retro

Tealounge gives you awesome Tea and SMEG goes all retro

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You’ve seen the Nescafe Dolce Gusto. It’s an awesome way to make coffee. But  what if you want to have tea (like we do on occasions)?  Well, if you really want great tasting tea without grounding or boiling tea leaves, then you’ll need to get the Tealounge System.

Similar to the Dolce Gusto, the Tealounge has its own capsule system and temperature and brewing controls to make that perfect tea.

Tealounge System

You can make your own black, Darjeeling, green teas. The Tealounge can even make herbal, fruit teas and even chai latte tea.  Yes, that’s Latte Tea. You don’t have to go out of the house to buy Chai or Latte Tea. You can make yourself one with the Tealounge.


SMEG’s awesome retro style blender and toaster

We’re fans of retro style appliances. We’ve seen refrigerators and sound systems that have  cool retro 1950s style casings.

SMEG came out with their own retry style appliances. They evoke the 1950s and if want your toaster or your blender to be conversation pieces, then these SMEG appliances are what you need.

SMEG appliances

While they may look retro, they still perform and function just like your regular blenders and toaster, if not more.
Check them out at your local appliance stores or online

Now we’d really like to see a retro style  UHD TV.