Talon Smart Ring  for Touchless Video Gaming

Talon Smart Ring for Touchless Video Gaming

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Enhanced user experience has always been an ultimate goal for every gaming super fan. Now Titanium Falcon Inc., a Silicon Valley based gaming control gear developer, announced it has completed the design of its flagship product, a smart ring. This brings us much closer to achieving that goal.

Founded in 2014, the company plans to raise $300,000 funds on crowdfunding site Indiegogo.com in a campaign aimed at early gadget adopter and will last one month from the end of this August.

The smart ring, so-called Talon, has a slim fashion design with less than 3.8mm in thickness and at a price no more than $100.

An innovative product always starts from a great idea. “Currently, in order to play motion-controlled games, consumers must purchase all the expensive hardware: TVs, Wii, X-box or Kinect are just a few of them,” says CEO and Founder Guo Juan. “We believe our touch-less and motion controlled smart ring will change the way users play games forever.

By using Bluetooth Low Energy technology and 9-axis motion control sensor, Talon smart ring could connect with any smart device (phone, tablet, smart TV, smart watch, PC/MAC or VR headset), and the ring will convert users’ hand gestures to appropriate input for the game or application.

Talon Smart Ring

Titanium Falcon focuses on making the user experience easier and more fun with Talon. “Talon will enable gamers to play games instantly at any place and time, free hand, while on the go,” Guo says. “Users can play mobile games or control applications even when they are doing other things such as running, cooking, taking the bus and so on.”

Talon is also equipped with 2 action buttons to offer more control options for gamers. The ring is compatible with almost all types of games, including shooting, racing and sports games.

Key technology features of the Talon include: Bluetooth low energy, 32-bite CPU, Noise Reduction Technology and 9-axis motion control sensor, including accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.

With a diverse team of designers and engineers, and focusing on renovating the gaming industry by developing the latest wearable product, Titanium Falcon has become a pioneer company in developing innovative smart gear. The company says it just won the 1st Place in the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Pitch Fest.

For more information, please visit www.TitaniumFalcon.com

Source: PR Newswire