We’re back and the SpineGym Will Help Your Back

We’re back and the SpineGym Will Help Your Back

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If you’ve been following Smart Homes Now! Philippines, you’ve probably noticed that we haven’t posted for quite a while.

Life tends to get in the way of things, and unfortunately, we were caught up in it.  But starting today, we’re going back to our usual weekly updates.  To get back on the groove, and to say that we’re truly back, check the SpineGym.  It’s a kickstarter project  that will supposedly help people ease their back pain. Here’s how it works.



Hopefully you won’t be put off by the really weird body move but it has a reason.   Doing abdominal and back exercises can relieve lower back pain. But the thing is,  there isn’t a real dedicated device for this particular concern and issue. Well, that is until SpineGym came along.

Here’s what the SpineGym can do for you:

  • Enhance your posture, get rid of back pain and get that nice flat belly we all dream of.
  • Stronger abdominal- and back muscles already after two weeks of training. We have the research-backed data to prove it.
  • Exercise is done in normal clothing, no sweating, no difficult positions.
  • Standing exercises with small and safe movements makes SpineGym suitable also for the elderly or those suffering from back pain.
  • The six-pack bonus: Heavy trainers know the efficiency of standing crunches. In SpineGym you do the same move, but with the waist support, the effect on your six-pack is much greater.

There are two versions of the SpineGym. The standard model has poles made of carbon fiber composite making it extra sturdy. The SpineGym wooden designer model has resistance poles made of European ash tree which they say has great flexural strength.

The SpineGym has already met its kickstarter goal and you can start ordering one for yourself.   It’ll start shipping this May or June this year.

For more information, visit the kickstarter page here