World’s Most Water Stressed Countries by 2040

World’s Most Water Stressed Countries by 2040

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By 2040,  some of the most densely populated countries on earth will experience extremely high water shortages.

And the Philippines could become one of the most water stressed countries on the planet.

According to a World Resources Institute (WRI) report,  the increasing world population will drive increased consumption of water by people. That’s not the only thing that’ll consume water.


Farms do require irrigation and water to grow crops and produce. Companies also require water to produce and manufacture goods. And it’s going to be worse for cities as more people move to these metropolitan areas.


And as more people get better employment and better opportunities, so too will their need for better goods and electricity generation.

The WRI report stated that climate change will great impact water supply. Some areas will get drier and other areas will be wetter. We’re already hearing about unforeseen drought in some areas while some places are getting massive flooding.   Which areas will have extreme water shortages?  WRI has managed a  first-of-its-kind analysis and has sheds new light on this troubling concern.

Check out what they found below.

Using an ensemble of climate models and socioeconomic scenarios, WRI scored and ranked future water stress—a measure of competition and depletion of surface water—in 167 countries by 2020, 2030, and 2040. They found that 33 countries face extremely high water stress in 2040 (see the full list). They also found that Chile, Estonia, Namibia, and Botswana could face an especially significant increase in water stress by 2040. This means that businesses, farms, and communities in these countries in particular may be more vulnerable to scarcity than they are today.


You can see a large part of the US, China, the Philippines, Australia, some parts of Southeast Asia will have extremely high ratio of withdrawals to supply.

The WRI report also stated that if not circumvented, this water shortage could potentially affect the world economy, bringing about famine, drought, civil unrest and potentially violent conflict.

Check out their full report here.

As Smart Homes owners, we should take stock of this report and start conservation efforts.  We’ll have more articles on water conservation steps, water recycling instructions and technologies.

It all starts with us and we could potentially avoid this future problem.