CUBO builds  modular homes  made of bamboo at half the cost

CUBO builds modular homes made of bamboo at half the cost

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If you’re building a new house this year, we’re pretty sure that it’s going to cost a lot. Typical construction of a 70 square meter house would probably cost around P1.2 to P2 million pesos. That includes getting all the necessary building permits, building a septic tank, labor, construction materials, and more. And it takes months to complete it.

But CUBO Modular is making waves in the home construction industry with completely modular homes built in less than a day and less-than-half the costs.

What’s also good about CUBO is they use bamboo, using their patent-pending housing technology. 

They can build a 14.5 sq.m home on site in 4 hours. Moreover, you don’t have to settle for drab colors. There are available color combinations you can choose. Add more windows, aircon unit panels, or even build your customized panels into a CUBO modular home. 

Check out how the units look and their floor plan.

Since it is modular, you can combine CUBO designs for your custom-built home. So you can have 14.5 sq.m space for your studio and a 29.5 sq.m CUBO for your living quarters. You can even build lofts into it.

CUBO Modular even has a 50-year structural warranty for their engineered bamboo homes. It covers bamboo floor framing, bamboo load-bearing wall, partition systems, roof framing, beams, girders, columns. 

As most of the build is bamboo, your CUBO modular home’s construction is earth-friendly and replenishable, reducing its carbon footprint.

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