Fagor Pressure Cooker Can Simmer, Saute, Steam and Brown Food

Fagor Pressure Cooker Can Simmer, Saute, Steam and Brown Food

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I’m getting really excited about cooking with electric kitchen tools and appliances.  While your regular cook ware is pretty great, they can only do one thing.

For instance, pressure cookers can only tenderize meat (that’s why I do). Yes, you can use the pot to steam and cook other types of food but it’s not really that convenient. Which is why I love electric pressure cookers. They can do what normal cookers can do but they do more. And probably much safer to use.

The Fagor Premium Pressure Cooker is one such appliance. It can pressure cook but it can also cook rice. Then on top of that, you can also simmer food and saute them. You can use it stream food (great for dimsum) and browning which is the  process of partially cooking the surface of meat to help remove excessive fat.

Fagor Premium Pressure Cooker

Since the Fagor is electric, you won’t have to figure out how to cook things properly.  Simmer, saute and brown foods with just a touch of a button.  It has preset timings to cook food but if you want more control over it, you can easily change or adjust the  settings. 

And if you’re thinking of cooking healthy food like brown rice, you can do with it the Fagor Premium Pressure Cooker as well.

The Premium Pressure Cooker comes with cooking assist functions that help make your one pot meals. There is also a keep warm and time delay function for added convenience.

For safety, it has  self-locking lid that locks with the turn of the handle. The lid will remain locked while there is pressure inside the unit ad will only open when all pressure has been released.  

It has a non-stick removable inner pot as well. Just take it off to clean it.   It’s even dishwasher safe in case you own a dishwasher appliance.

The Fagor Premium Pressure Cooker is pretty great and we’re sure that you’ll find it in most appliance retail stores.

Visit the Fagor web site for more information or click here.