Samsung Activ DualWash Top Loading Washing Machine Review

Samsung Activ DualWash Top Loading Washing Machine Review

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Last March, Samsung Philippines launched  the Activ DualWash top loading washing machine.

What’s so different about this one?

Well, the Samsung Activ DualWash has some great features  you’ll love.  The version that we got to review  can handle a 12 kilogram load.

First off, the Samsung activ dual wash has a  ton of  cleaning settings.

You can set it to  wash  shirts jeans, delicates or your undies and even blankets.

Everything on the Activ DualWash is push button.  The controls  are water proof so  you don’t have to get worried about getting the console wet. Just don’t pour water directly onto it. We never tried it so you shouldn’t as well. Unless you want to void your warranty.

This washing machine has its own  detergent dispenser.  It says that it’s magic  one but we seriously doubt it. Bu it is an effective one.

Samsung Activdualwash Washing Machine

The Samsung Activ DualWash is a great top loading washing machine. Its console is easy to use plus it makes pre-treatment easier for you.

The Activ DualWash magic dispenser automatically dispenses  detergent and fabric conditioner.  You don’t have pour the detergent  before and during the wash cycle.  Ditto with the fabric softener or conditioner.

It also has a built-in lint  remover.  While it’s washing, it’ll suck in whatever lint is present in the tub and trap it in the filter compartments.  We love this one because it actually removed lint from our black shirts and undergarments.  Wow.

What the Samsung Activ DualWash   makes easy is laundry pre-washing.

When you pre-wash or pre-treat clothes, you’ll  have to  hunker down to  wash, dunk and soak clothes in water and detergent.

And then you have to put the pre-treated clothes onto the washing machine.

It’s a tad messy at times and If you keep doing this every wash day, you’ll likely to get back pain. and even leg pain.

And most of the time, it is inconvenient to transfer washed clothes into the tub.

The  Activ DualWash makes pre-washing and pre-treatment easier.

No, it’s not going to do it for you (really now).  The Activ DualWash has a built-in wash basin. You can pre-treat clothes on  washing machine  itself.  Lift the cover and you can pre-treat clothes on its built-in sink. It has these grooves and protrusions on the sides to help you get rid of the dirt and grime.

And if you need water, just push the water jet button.  The wash basin has slits on the side so you don’t have to worry about spilling water.

Once you’re done with the pre-treatment   just tilt the built-in sink. the pre-treated clothes will slide and drop directly into the tub.

It’s awesome. No more transferring of the pre-washed or -pre-treated clothes.  You can do it on the Samsung Activ DualWash washing machine.

There’s more.

If you think that only air conditioning units use digital inverters to power them up, guess again.

This Samsung washing machine runs on one.

That means in the long run, you’ll be saving a ton of money from electricity costs

Why? Because digital inverter machines  use  less energy to do more.

One little gripe with the Activ DualWash is the bundled water hose converter.  It’ll  attach to ball faucets not outdoor ones with screw-on fittings.  And you have to be careful screwing the hose onto the Activ DualWash’s water inlet.  It’s made of hard plastic but we were afraid to attach a hose onto in fear of damaging the inlet fittings.

Best use a hose with a sturdy and flexible plastic/rubber  hose fitting.

The Samsung Activ DualWash is a great top loading washing machine.  It’s a lot more energy efficient, and has a ton of settings to wash just about anything.  Its console is easy to use plus it makes pre-treatment way, way easier for you.

The Samsung Activ DualWash top loading washing machine starts at p32,000. It’s a little pricey  but just think of the convenience you’ll get using the Activ DualWash washing machine

And maybe it’ll  even save you from physical therapy.  Or drinking a cocktail of drugs for your back pain.

I’m already shuddering at the thought of not using one.

Are we impressed with the Samsung Activ DualWash top loading washing machine?  You bet.

Smart Homes Now!  gives the Samsung Activ DualWash top loading washing machine a 4 out of 5 stars.

Click here for the video review.

Get this one. You’ll thank us later.


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