Philips Helps You Prepare Great Food for Your Kids

Philips Helps You Prepare Great Food for Your Kids

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It’s the start of the school year and kids need great food to help them learn and do things.

As a parent, I always make sure that my kid has great snacks and lunch for the day.

It’s not just about getting the right food, fruits and ingredients to make great meals. You gotta have the right kitchen appliance to help cook and prepare food.

With the help of Philips, parents can prepare nutritious and delicious meals for the kids this school year

Philips offers a line of helpful kitchen appliances.

If you want to give hotdogs, fried chicken and other great tasting fried food, cook it with the Philips Airfryer.

It’s not ordinary fryer. It’ll cook delicious meats and other dishes and reduce the fat by as much as 80%

It has a unique Rapid Air Technology that enables home chefs to fry with air. It’ll cook food making it crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. We featued an airfyer a few months ago and it’s pretty awesome to use so the Philips Airfryer is great as well.

Philips Kitchen Tools

Concoct healthy fruit drinks with the Philips Avance Collection Blender. This kitchen appliance can handle just about anything from fruits and vegetables to ice.

Its multi-speed function will help moms blend, crush and cut. Great for smoothies and shakes. And you can use it to prepare , salads, dressing or vegetable dishes.
Then there’s the Philips Avance Collection Juicer. Get this so you can create healthy drinks for the little ones, as well.

Of course before you prepare them their lunch and snacks, you got to give them a great breakfast.

Philips has Viva Collection Toaster. It’ll make sure you’ll get evenly golden brown toast on thick or thin slices. It also features an integrated bun warming rack, slide out crumb tray and one-touch reheat and defrost buttons.

Rice is also a staple on most breakfast tables so get the Philips Rice Cooker as well. It’s got automatic cooking functions that better preserve the freshness and nutrients in rice. It can serve up to 10 cups.

And if you want to cook fast, better get the Philips Induction Cooker, which shortens cooking time. Great for moms and dads who don’t have a lot of time to prepare food.

So get them while you can. Because you’ll need these great kitchen tools. I’m going out to get them myself. Like right now.

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