Squatty Potty lets You Release Stool More Naturally

Squatty Potty lets You Release Stool More Naturally

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We just had to write about this. We saw this particular video  a few days ago and it floored us. It’s one of the funniest, most entertaining and probably most informative ad we’ve seen in a long while.

Squatty Potty isn’t an appliance but it’s more like a piece of furniture — for your toilet.  Perhaps in the past, you’ve been asked by  parents to sit properly on the toilet instead of squatting on the toilet rim.  But our grandparents told us it’s okay to squat  on the toilet rim to release stool. It seems that our grandparents were right.

Check out this video.


Now the unicorn bit is downright preposterous (unless you believe in unicorns), but the clip about squatting on a toilet to release stool, well, it actually makes sense.  Releasing stool through the squat position is  more natural. And the science behind it backs it up.

There are numerous reports on the advantages of squatting to poop and you can find them on the Internet.  Squatty Potty is an implement to let you squat on a normal toilet.  All it does is elevate your legs so you assume a squatting position on your toilet.  And it can snugly fit any bathroom toilet. It  only costs US$33 but if you buy 3, you can get them for US$60. There’s a slim slide version of the Squatty Potty for swanky bathrooms.

We love unicorns even though they’re not real but we love the Squatty Potty even more. Visit squattypotty.com for more information or click here.