Top 10 Crucial Technologies to Sustain Life on Earth

Top 10 Crucial Technologies to Sustain Life on Earth

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Frost & Sullivan, a research company, came up with a report  impact the survivability of life on earth.  Yes, we’re talking about saving not just us, but all life on the planet.  The research company combed through  atmospheric, land and water, as well as general environmental solutions in addressing environmental problems the world faces.

What are these technologies that will help save every life form on the planet?  Check them out.

  • Atmospheric water generation
  • Waste-to-energy
  • Waterless technologies
  • Water-energy efficient technologies
  • Solid waste upcycling
  • Indoor air purification
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Air filtration
  • Membrane distillation
  • Capacitive deionization

You’ll probably notice that a large portion of the technologies mentioned are focused on water production and conservation.  Frost & Sullivan believes that water scarcity will have a huge impact on how life will be sustained on the planet, thus the focus on water technologies.  The report also mentioned that the industry realizes the economic impact of water and now there’s a shift in focus from energy shortage to water management.

Top Technologies in Clean & Green Environment - 2015

Desalination  is key to to help maintain water supply but the report argues that we need to work on other methods of water production. So it’s not just energy production and energy conservation that we have to work on, we have to think about how best to conserve water resources.

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For more information on this report, go to the Frost & Sullivan site or click here.