TouchNetix Touchless User Interface for better hygiene

TouchNetix Touchless User Interface for better hygiene

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It’s great that COVID 19 vaccines will start rolling out early next year, but we still need to be careful. We still need to wear masks when going out, observe social distancing, and handle or touch things only when necessary. TouchNetix, a manufacturer of system and component technology for high-performance touchscreens, is doing its part to make consumers safer. TouchNetix’s new touchless User Interface technology alongside touch, force, proximity, and hover sensing plus haptics control into its aXiom touchscreen chip.

This new built-in capability can detect various air gestures to allow hygienic, touchless operation of multi-user devices such as kiosks, elevators, and ticket sales machines. The chip’s gesture capability is ideal for medical equipment use and operating the touchscreen user interface in cars and smart home appliances.

Th aXiom chips integrate proximity, hover, touchscreen, and force sensing, as well as haptic feedback control. An aXiom chip operates via a standard touch-sensing element with up to 112 sensor channels in displays with a standard or arbitrary aspect ratio.

The aXiom chips support a wide range of touchscreen display sizes with touch- and force-sensing sampling rates of more than 200Hz.

 Integrating the aXiom IC chip into devices will allow users to hover above the touch surface (6 cm above it) and perform gesture controls such as Air Dwell, Air Tap, Air Swipe, and Air Spin. These gestures can replace functions such as button presses, scrolling through a series of screens, and interacting with graduated controls such as audio volume or fan speed. This Touchless User Interface technology is possible through gesture recognition software running in the host system’s controller or processor.

The TouchNetix can work alongside regular touchscreen operation is implemented seamlessly. It can also be programmed to perform other actions. What’s great about the TouchNetix chip is that it requires no additional electrode, board-level components, sensors, or other hardware.

We will likely see more touch screen appliances to implement gesture control and eliminate the need for users to touch the screen’s surface.

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