NightBuds Headphones Help You Sleep

NightBuds Headphones Help You Sleep

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Getting a good night’s rest is essential. With all the stress from work, the news from around the world, checking out social media accounts (yikes), and even our families (double yikes), sleep helps you recuperate.
The says that we should all get at least 7 hours of sleep every day. That’s a tall order sometimes, and that’s why you might want to get NightBuds headphones to help you sleep.

NightBuds are sleep sensing headphones that work with an intelligent app to look after your rest.Developed by sleep scientists, NightBuds helps users transform sleep and relaxation naturally through audio.


With it, you can de-stress, shut off your active mind, partners that snore, and videoke-singing-out-of-tune-neighbors-who-think-they’re-the-next-Mariah-Carey.NightBuds can help you find the perfect, peaceful sanctuary to enjoy your sleep & relaxation.

These soft & tiny earbuds sit deep within the ear secured via a patent-pending five-point anchor system. The makers of the device say it’s comfortable on the ears and the head. No matter which position you sleep in, it’ll stay in place on your back or your side.

You can listen to your favorite music, podcast, or preferred audio clip, and once you start getting sleepy, the sleep sensors kick in. It bookmarks your place and gently fades out your audio.

It even has immersive 4D audio, so you can drown out everything and listen to incredible soundscapes.What’s great about the NightBuds is that it monitors your sleep, providing personalized coaching, insights, and tips specific to you to improve your sleep. Its intelligent noise-masking and passive noise blocking help mask out sounds and can even help with tinnitus.

It has Bluetooth so that you can use it like regular earphones. Listen to music, watch TV, make calls as you would with standard headphones. The NightBuds are available for pre-order on Check it out here.



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