Sharp ships first Smart countertop micowave ovens

Sharp ships first Smart countertop micowave ovens

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We’ve talked about smart refrigerators that can connect to the Internet and tells you if you’ve run out of eggs or some other grocery item. Here’s another one.  Sharp Home Electronics Company of America (SHCA) announced its first smart countertop microwave ovens featuring Wi-Fi connectivity and certified Works with Alexa compatibility. This microwave lets you use voice commands to operate it. You’ll need an Amazon Echo or an Alexa-enabled device to do voice commands though.

The new Sharp smart microwave ovens come in two sizes, a mid-sized 1.1 cubic feet (cu. ft) (SMC1139FS) and a family-sized 1.4 cu. ft oven (SMC1449FS).

With the integration of Amazon’s Alexa, you can use an Alexa app or the microwave oven to start or stop the microwave. You can even add time to the current cooking cycle or even cook at a specific power level.  

Sharp’s first smart countertop microwave oven features Wi-Fi connectivity and certified Works with Alexa compatibility for hands-free operation using voice commands.

With the help of Amazon’s Alexa, you can now say, “Alexa, microwave frozen lasagna.” Or “Alexa, defrost 5 lbs of chicken.”  

The family-sized SMC1449FS has more preset cooking items for foods that do not appear on the control panel, like broccoli, carrots, or chicken wings using just your voice. 

And what about microwaving popcorn? Of course, it can. 

Just say, “Alexa, Microwave Classic Popcorn.” 

The smart countertop microwave ovens have One-Touch controls, Express Cook, and the Carousel┬« turntable system to do the cooking and reheating a breeze. It has a modern brushed stainless steel finish that’s easy to clean and complements any style. Once you’ve connected it to the Wi-FI, the extra-large clock with a white LED display will set to the correct time.

You’ll never have to reset the clock after a power interruption.

The Sharp Smart Countertop Microwave Oven is available in two sizes:

  • SMC1139FS, 1.1 cu. ft. offers over 30 voice commands and ten more food presets available by voice only. 
  • SMC1449FS, 1.4 cu. ft. offers Sensor Cooking, over 70 voice commands, and 50 more food presets available by voice only. 

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