Upgrade the Kitchen with La Germania stoves and ovens

Upgrade the Kitchen with La Germania stoves and ovens

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We’re 14 days away from Christmas and one day before the crazy 12-12 shopping sale. Besides getting your gadgets, your cosmetics, DIY tools, and more for this 12-12 sale, how about for the kitchen?

What about getting a better stove or oven? Well, you’re in luck. Trusted kitchen appliance brand La Germania has some gift ideas so you can upgrade your kitchen for the holidays. They’ve come up with a list that’ll appeal to Filipino chefs, cooking enthusiasts, wanna-be pâtissiers, and families alike.

Here are six of the best kitchen appliances you can wrap up (which could be challenging but possible) for your loved ones or yourself this year for an even more Christmas-ready kitchen:

La Germania Single Stoves

Do you live in a small apartment or condominium, or thinking of a gift for someone who has one? The La Germania Single Stoves are your best bets.



30 Porcelain Gas Stove (G390EF)

The 30 Porcelain Gas Stove (G390EF) not only makes cooking a breeze with its automatic piezo ignition system but also lets you save enough space for your other kitchen appliances. This gas stove has a 100 percent white porcelain body and a medium European burner and comes with a tray trivet. It has a rubberized footing to ensure that it won’t skid on your kitchen counter. This light and the single compact burner is ideal for small spaces and retails at Php1,680.

33 Induction Stove (PF301IS-H)

 Some condos don’t allow gas stoves, so an induction stove is the next best option as it provides a safe and energy-efficient way of cooking. La Germania’s 33 Induction Stove lets you cook your meals from scratch or reheat take-outs and leftovers hassle-free. This induction stove is versatile and well-designed, with a robust 2,200W heating element for fast cooking. Get it at Php2,990.

La Germania Double-Burner Stoves

Double-burner stoves are staples in most Filipino home kitchens. And of course, La Germania has double-burner stoves so you can cook two dishes, or cook with one then reheat another. You could say that it’s the first multi-tasking appliance on the planet.

67 Porcelain Gas Stove (G702EF)

Get the La Germania 67 Porcelain Gas Stove burner if you want an over-the-fire setup. With two large European burners with an automatic piezo ignition system and a tray trivet, you can cook multiple dishes at a time. The 100 percent white porcelain body adds a sleek touch to the kitchen, and the rubberized footing prevents skidding. This product is at Php4,575.

 67 Porcelain Electric Stove (E726W)

If you’re looking for an electric stove, La Germania has 67 Porcelain Electric Stove. It features two 145-mm fast heat hot plates that offer more temperature consistency for even better and quicker cooking. It has a 100 percent white porcelain-coated body with a uniform surface for easy cleaning. Rubberized footing ensures the stove will not slide while you cook. This porcelain electric stove is available for Php5,930.


La Germania Ovens

Christmas reunions and gatherings might not be possible this year because of quarantine and lockdowns.

But that’s not an excuse not to cook for the holidays. 

So cook up your holiday dishes (whether old-time favorites or new ones) or even do some baking with La Germania ovens. Who knows those cakes and cookies could be a new business venture?

SL155 40WT Compact Oven (SL155 40WT)

So you’re pumped up to bake some goodies for families and friends or start a food business. If you are, get the 

La Germania SL155 40WT Compact Oven. This oven features an electric oven and grill with a 900W top heating element, 1,300W bottom heating element, and 1,200W grill heating element. 

The compact tabletop oven can fit any kitchen space to suit all cooking and baking needs. At Php11,830, it has a 100 percent white porcelain enameled body and comes with accessories such as an oven net and oven tray.

80 5-Burner, Gas Oven and Electric Grill (AM85C 61CNN)

Do you want an oven with bells and whistles? This 80 5-Burner, Gas Oven and Electric Grill from La Germania is an excellent upgrade to anyone’s kitchen. 

This  oven has five aluminum gas burners, including a central 3,800kW triple ring burner with a safety device. It even has a fan-assisted gas oven and an electric grill for different cooking setups and requirements.

 This range has a stainless-steel body with a U-shaped double-glass oven door. It has large knobs with a soft touch and one-hand ignition to make meal preparation a breeze. The matt burgundy body and light cast iron trivet give it that premium look that’ll look great in any kitchen. You can get this for Php64,685.

And best of all, you can get special discount promos on its entire product line-up at the 12.12 Christmas sale of Lazada and Shopee. Shop on La Germania’s official LazMall and Shopee stores tand get up to Php4,500 worth of discounts effective starting midnight on December 12.