Vortex Bladeless is Wind Power Made Better

Vortex Bladeless is Wind Power Made Better

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We’ve all talked about how great renewable energy is. We’ve featured Solar Power and the local providers here in Smart Homes Now.

Wind Power is also awesome but residential wind turbines are a tad more tricky to install. And there’s also the danger of it harming birds and even people, if not handled in the proper way.

Well, Spanish engineers have come up with Vortex Bladeless, a wind power system that doesn’t use fan blades.

How does it work?

Traditional wind turbines uses the rotational motion to generate the energy. Vortex uses vorticity. It’s an aerodynamic effect that occurs when wind breaks against a solid structure.

When the Vortex structure starts to oscillate, it captures the energy produced.

Vortex Bladeless takes advantage of Vorticity, an aerodynamic effect that occurs when wind breaks against a solid structure.

Since it doesn’t have fans or blades and less moving parts, maintaining the Vortex Bladeless is low cost.

Less moving parts means the Vortex Bladeless will be lighter and cost less than conventional wind turbines.

Since it only oscillates it doesn’t produce audible noise ( below 20 Hz). It’ll also be safer for our feathered neighbors (including neighbors that wear feather boas).

But conventional turbines will be more energy efficient than the Vortex Bladeless. But the cost to install and maintain their system is still better than building a conventional wind turbine.

Vortex Bladeless Wind Power System

The Vortex Mini which is 43 feet high and weighs 220 pounds can generate 4Kw. That’s more than enough to power a household. Install 3 or 4 of these Wind Energy converters and it can power up several households or an entire village.

Households could go off-the-grid or go off-grid with this system.

Check out their video below.

The Vortex Bladeless System is currently on Indiegogo and it’s still waiting for more pledges to come in. If you want to go green, consider this renewable energy system producer for your smart home.

Go Solar and go Wind Power as well.


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